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The Vocaloid Dressing Room


Vocaloid Dressing Room
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vocaloidressing is basically your average dressing room - Vocaloid style!

Any and all Vocaloids are open to play - officials and fan-made alike. Made up your own Vocaloid OC? That's fine too! Liked a certain version of a specific character from one of the many Promotional Videos? Go for it! Anything and everything Vocaloid related is welcome in this dressing room. This includes UTAUs and characters from Black★Rock Shooter. Play to your heart's content- let the music flow! ヾ(*゚▽゚)ノ☆彡♪

⇒ For setting information, please visit this post!

⇒ For all OOC interaction needs please go visit vocaloid_ooc !!!!

⇒ For all OOC information and such, please visit vdrmods.

⇒ Looking for the AIM chat? CLICK HERE !

⇒ Vocaloid, UTAU and B★RS only please! ( ̄▽ ̄;)ゞ

⇒ Please keep everything peaceful and nice! IC is one thing (Meiko beating on Kaito for being naked again) - OOC is another (being mean to a fellow mun or mun's character for RP related problems)! If you have a problem, please contact the mod so we can keep everything nice and neat. The mod would like to know your problems and concerns, too! (〃゚∇゚〃)ノ♥

⇒ There are a lot of Vocaloids out there, aren't there? (゜ロ゜);; Even so, keep in mind there will very likely be multiple versions of the character you want to play! If the mod hears about anyone bullying or whining because they are not the only Miku in the game, she'll be very sad. o(´^`)o Instead of being sad, why don't you play with them instead? Imagine World Is Mine Miku talking with Hachune Miku! It can be very funny! (o゚▽゚)o!!

⇒ Have lots and lots of fun! v(≧∀≦)v

⇒ Anyone who does not follow these simple rules will be Road Rolled.
The twins are kind of eager. Don't give them a reason to do it!

OOC COMM: vocaloid_ooc
MOD JOURNAL: vdrmods

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Credit for Layout @ aftersix_art
Credit for Profile Layout @ elfgraphics
Credit for ridiculous smiley faces @ Hiroette.com Use them to your heart's content!
Questions and Concerns (OOC) @ This Post!. Comments screened, anon on.